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Vaporize Alcohol to Enjoy it Safely and Instantly

VapeShot: the Alcohol Vaporizer

With Vape Shot , vaporize and inhale your favorite alcoholic drinks. Why? to feel the buzz faster and in a whole new way. It’s simple: pour your drink in a two-liter bottle, attach the Vape Shot and you’re ready to vape. Just pump and inhale.

Discover the incredible, authentic flavor vaping gives (without the harsh burn alcohol is known for). And, since vaping is absorbed directly into your bloodstream – not your liver or stomach – there’s no stress about feeling hungover the next day or those empty beer-gut-making calories. Yes: vaping alcohol won’t leave you hungover and comes with just a fraction of the calories compared to drinking it

Sound too good to be true? Or complicated? Nope. Vape Shot’s the real deal.

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Why Vape Shot?

No Hangovers

Because the alcohol absorbs directly through your lungs and blood stream, the hangover causing substances that are formed in your liver (congeners) are bypassed. Thus, your chances of getting a hangover are slim to none.

No Calories

Vape Shot is designed to only vaporize alcohol while leaving behind the carbs and sugars that add "empty calories" to your diet. So whether you're a fitness fanatic or just care about your weight, Vape Shot's got you covered.


Vape Shot is designed to efficiently provide the perfect amount of alcohol into your system. No need to chug copious amounts of alcohol, just inhale it. Why would you soak your entire body in alcohol when a small, precise amount will give you the same buzz?


When alcohol is consumed in liquid form, it's processed by the body, introduced into the bloodstream, and then eventually transferred into the lungs where 5% of the alcohol in your body is exhaled. This is how breathalyzers are used for detecting Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). So, if you drink alcohol, you've already experienced having alcohol in your lungs. With Vape Shot, you get only 1/60th the amount of a normal shot of liquor, thus the risk of alcohol poisoning is also diminished.

No Comparison

With Vape Shot, you’ll get an immediate buzz you’ve never experienced before. The buzz is mellow and euphoric, so be prepared for a fun night.

No Hassle

Unlike other alcohol vaporizers, Vape Shot is easy to use and 100% portable and reusable: no parts have to be consistently changed, so you can keep the good times rolling.

  • “I bought Vape Shot for a party last week. It was really easy to use and so much fun. My friend brought a bottle of wine and we even vaped that! Everyone agreed: the buzz is out of this world good. Plus, I woke up early the next day and felt totally normal….even went to yoga!”
    Amanda E.
  • “I tried another vaporizer and I could tell it wasn’t made well. Low and behold, the thing didn’t work. I wasn’t sure this was going to do it either, but Vape Shot actually is easy to put together and use. Couldn’t be happier.”
    Kiehl W.
  • “Like most of us, I like my alcohol - maybe a little too much! But, I also care about staying in shape and drinking too much and how that can hurt my body. What I love about Vape Shot is it’s fun without calories and it’s easier to control my buzz because it’s not like you’re inhaling a ton of alcohol and getting too drunk. The alcohol burns slowly so it’s actually pretty hard to get “wasted”: instead, you just get this relaxed, amazing lift without all those nasty side effects.”
    Kate A.

Goodbye Hangovers. See You Later, Bloat.

With Vape Shot, you get just fun and a good buzz. Really easy to use, reusable, affordable and….really, really good. Are you ready to join the vaping revolution? 

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Don’t just drink alcohol, inhale it.